Hillrock Single Malt - 'Owner's Special Reserve' Triple Finish (109.9 Proof) $215.00

T he aromas of smoked caramel, dried orange peel, and sweet roasted nuts come on first. Second waves of ripe cherries and plums accent the marshmallow and honey base of this whiskey, trailing off to reveal lemon zest and earthy tones of smoke. As the whiskey enters the mouth a creamy coating ensues. The different woods used to mature this whiskey have each left their mark. Caramelized sugar, Blackberries, blueberries, plums and cherries are all recognizable. There are soft tannins and beautiful spice notes that balance the full body of this medium smoked single malt. Imagine eating a warm caramel cake, with a lemon zest buttercream frosting by a campfire. The finish continues, bouncing between sweet desserts and delicate earthy primal smoke.

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