Double Cask Rye - 'Owner's Special Reserve' - Madeira Cask Finish #3 (113.2 Proof) $175.00

A fter aging two separate new charred American white oak casks, this unique triple-matured cask strength whiskey is then finished in premium Spanish Madeira wine casks. The result is a bold, balanced whiskey with complex aromas of peach, spearmint, black cherry and oak. Full-bodied and rich on the palate, sweet, warming notes of caramel and honey are followed by peppercorn, licorice, mint and chocolate, which blend seamlessly into clover, grapefruit and toffee notes on the long, structured finish. The nose of this deep honey amber rye is floral yet sweet with winter fruits, mulled wine, honey and nutmeg. The palate opens with traditional rye notes balanced with dried fruits, citrus acidity and cinnamon; the cream-like honey softness balances the spice before opening again in the finish showcased by the extra-long, sweet Madeira completion. Our Double Cask Rye Owner's Special Reserve - Madeira Cask Finish #3 is aged for over 6 years, bottled at cask strength at 113.2 proof, and limited to 278 bottles.

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